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Tuesday, May 10th 2005

11:26 PM

Why Are They Still Alive?

Hello From East Tennessee,

Tonight just a thought. The question is why are they still alive? From the killing of Jessica Lunsford to the killings of the two little girls in Zion Illinois, on the outskirts of Chicago. One has to ask, why are these worthless piece of trash still alive. Is that too blunt? NO. Maybe it is just me, but it seems lately there have been alot of children raped and murdered because of some sick trash. Many say they are sick and need help. Putting them to death serves nothing. I beg to differ. They are sick alright, however the only help for them is to send them to meet their God. Enough is enough. How many more children are going to have to die before the states say enough and start putting these sick pieces of trash where they belong? Lethal injection is far to easy. Take the trash in Florida who murdered Jessica Lunsford. We now know this child was buried alive. SHE WAS ALIVE WHEN THIS SICK PERVERT PUT HER IN THE GROUND. And his death will be much easier. Bring back the chair and start frying a few of this thugs and that will put a stop to alot of this. Then again maybe they should just take them to a prison somewhere and throw their sorry _____ in a room and tell the prisoners, "their all yours" and let them feel the same pain these innocent children felt. Why are they still alive? Do I get angry when I read or hear of such things, YES. Would I like to be the one to flip the switch and watch them fry? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. Am I wrong for getting so angry? NO. Children are one of God's greatest gifts to this world. To watch them be abused and murdered like we have seen so much lately, makes me sick and angry. Put more of these sick morons to death and that will cure alot of these people. Why are they still alive?

Have A Great Wed.

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